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Janet Rossini
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Re: On Supporting viewers

Post by Janet Rossini » Mon Apr 05, 2010 4:35 pm


It is not possible to specify complex human behavior using rules. It just doesn't work very well at all.

Shared values work better. Our shared values are about helping.

One of our key values is to be able to help. Most of our active members understand that and are here to help.

If there are people in the organization who do not share common values, focused on helping new citizens, then there is a problem. Rules won't fix that.

If the values are not clear, then there is a problem. Rules won't fix that.

If someone, whether from the top or the bottom, tries to manage us by adding rules, there is a worse problem still.

When we share values we can prefer invitations over rules.

You seem to suggest that there should be a rule about which viewer to use. I see no value in that. In fact, I see negative value to such a rule, as at least some of us may be inclined not to follow the rule our of sheer independence.

It is sufficient, in my view, to invite people to use the new viewer, pointing out that people will be in need of help using it, and and to invite all those who can to become familiar with the viewer. For those who do not choose to enter into the new viewer at this time, I would invite them to become aware of those of us who do use it, and to become aware of the on-line resources about it.

In that way, we will have people willingly doing what they are comfortable with, without the need to set forth arbitrary rules.

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Tateru Nino
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Re: On Supporting viewers

Post by Tateru Nino » Mon Apr 05, 2010 6:08 pm

The thing about rules… http://bit.ly/d91yTo

Beverly Montgomery
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Re: On Supporting viewers

Post by Beverly Montgomery » Mon Apr 05, 2010 6:26 pm

I've got a little bit to say here, you are right, some of us are not able to use 2.0, thats right!
Remember that, even if we wanted. Makes me feel spied on when people that normally never come to Q&A come and stand by, or bring folks, (older folks) in to ask pure deep seated 2.0 questions! However :) I smiled, said thank goodness Imnotgoing is useing it, loves it, has all the answers. Same with the Thursday Q&A, Seshat knows it, and or we have folks in the seats that are able and permitted to give answers. Thats right Loris as long as a few are able to answer, why are you raising this issue? I see no issue, Good topic yes, but no issue! Lets just all do the best we can. Raising issues seem to be all some people can think to do. So what is the real issue then, I had IM's in my e-mail as i was not able to come on yesterday, as to this, Loris you must remember, Oldbies are still learning it as well. They have same knowledge about 2.0 as the newbies, well many do anyway. Some got it and started learning it earlier, when beta come out, some same as the new res are just now getting into it, so i supose they will all learn together, as they go. But again, why is there an issue, i've seen alot of people doing their best to answer questions, or direct folks to others that can answer the questions. That to me speaks volumns! Shows me they care, and are trying! Not everyone is techy, or super beings. They all do as best they can, give them credit and stop this constantly finding issues with folks. Everyone I know is trying hard as they can to help! Give them some credit for not standing in the back of the line and ignoring it, hell even me i can't answer the questions, but i know people to direct them to that can.

for what its worth, im proud of everyone, they have all been as serious about this as they can be. Damn i know they are trying, hope no one else lets this bother them. Yes some were quite bothered over being made to feel lower than standard. when i feel they are all fantastic and hard working helpers/officers.

how about for once, speak of all the hard work, and abilities everyone does have, and stop createing issues were there isn't any! Thank you everyone for all your Help! NCI loves you all!


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Re: On Supporting viewers

Post by Toy » Mon Apr 05, 2010 9:27 pm

First off, Ive been helping people in SL for almost 6 years now. I do so because I enjoy it and I do so at my pace, not what some 'rules' suggest.

I truly believe having fun in SL is the most important aspect. Helping is fun for me but once again, I do it at my pace, not what some rule says I should. A lot of SL has to do with independence, lets always remember that. I will continue to help as I can but I refuse to use 2.0, after all Im here to have fun and 2.0 detracts from my fun :mrgreen:

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Re: On Supporting viewers

Post by Afon » Mon Apr 05, 2010 9:48 pm

I'm not sure where all this talk of rules is coming from, it would not be wise to mandate the use of the V2 for all helpers and officers. I used the V2 viewer when it first appeared. I love to explore new things and I had high hopes for it. I found I had to rearrange my screen to try to make it less cumbersome, I also found things were not as intuitive as the old viewer. I learnt a lot about the new viewer, enough to provide basic help on it, but for me, its too cumbersome and unintuitive for day to day use. My choice is to use Emerald, and I'll occasionally dip into V2 to refresh my knowledge. I intend to have sufficient knowledge of V2 to assist resident who are using it. I think this is perhaps the best compromise for those who find the new viewer to be less usable than the old viewer.

I feel its too easy for this to become something that threatens to split NCI, there are echoes of the voice era. Lets work together to help all who need help. While there is a choice of viewer, we should look to provide assistance for both.
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Re: On Supporting viewers

Post by MeAm Okelly » Mon Apr 05, 2010 10:51 pm

I guess I am one of the Oldies – and an (obscure) staff member. I learn a lot from “helping” people – newbies and oldies. If I had more time I probably would “officially teach” because the NCI classes is what helps people (like me ) most. So, my advise to staff members like me is: “Relax, have fun learning and helping. For people with more time: they are important because we need some organization and – yes – guidelines….
(btw - i had a hell of a time registering - took me at least 12 of those picture codes - and that all for this not-very-important blurb :)))

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