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NCI Beach

Posted: Thu Feb 03, 2011 1:38 pm
by Immersive Afterthought
Greetings NCI,

Firstly my introduction:
I really admire what NCI is doing and the personalities behind the project who I have met so far. It's great being a neighbour of such a left side political movement. When my partner and I decided to kill our sim 2 years ago, due to lack of time. We had to find suitable land. Being as I am the scripter/builder in the relationship, I wanted our land to be next to a place where flying creative minds are around. Rather than the non-creative and unsociable neighbours. So when we saw the opportunity at fishermans cove we jumped at the first instance.

We have always been non profit. Our land is in fact open to the public although there are no signs put up as of yet. As the public features are not completely finished. The pub with no shadowing, my minimap vehicle for my minimap. However since I have been learning german I built my own board which tests me on names of objects in german. As the german language has masculine, feminine and neutral articles where our english is simply the table. I built a second version which is for phrases to learn. With a seating area, I have been updating it since my b1 level in german it has another level of b2. C1 level german is considered a diploma level. When I reach that in June naturally I will add the words and situations from that to the machines.

The german is the requirement language in Zürich, Switzerland. I am originally from England.

The Pub is more focussed on the people who enjoy political discussions over the world. More for a left side collaboration area. No one is using it at the moment so if you have any meetings feel free to use it for now. It has over 80 radio channels displayed as white cards on the back wall.

My partner and I are also big fans of the Google Android movement and own the SL Google Android User and Dev group with 30 members so far.

Since the new sim management, we have had the option to expand our land which naturally as we always have done is surround the school. In order to protect it from shops and non efficient scripted scripts.

The above was written not to bore you to death, but to give you all a little something about me. Rather than myself just demanding without giving.

Now to the point:
-Firstly I would love to form a connection between our rivers and the nci water. From that students can sail in and out of the school. Perhaps NCI could even provide a boat building class?

-Secondly, sl has made many advances since the beginning of the NCI beach, yet the look of nci beach has always stayed the same. The NCI member group is over 8000 members. Nakedlandlady Rentals are going forward with making the rest of the sim look a bit more pleasant. I also have to reach a realistic picture of what I want the land to be without too much paradise. With so many idea's in sl, let alone in the normal world i'm beginning to have a bit of a mental block. Would nci consider remodelling the beach in a big picture way that our both lands flow together. In a same theme. I don't mind sharing some of our prims if the bigger picture really looks fantastic.

Otherwise any advice on what I can do with my land would be very much appreciated.

-I don't have enough time to search through communties to find english speaking people on a b1-b2 level who are learning german. I would love to put a sign up on my side of the land next to NCI dock to search for people in the same boat who can use my german learning situation area. Although I'd rather ask permission than just do it anyway.

I'm looking very forward to the reply.

Immersive Afterthought

P.S. I believe that's all I wanted to say for now.

Re: NCI Beach

Posted: Sun Feb 13, 2011 1:36 pm
by Immersive Afterthought
Also, if I could have an answer at the beginning of this week that would be super.

I have a week holiday from my studies. So it would be extremely useful to me if we could get the ball rolling during this time.