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Event Listing Changes

Post by feldsparepstein » Sun Feb 21, 2010 9:07 am

Due to NCI's inclusion in the Resident Help Network (http://forums.nci-sl.org/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=307), we need to make a couple of changes to our event listings. There are also a couple of changes that need to be made that we'll make at the same time.

* Newbie Salsa/Q&A will now be listed as just Newbie Salsa, though the text for the listing will remain the same. People will still be able to ask questions, but the focus will be on learning to dance and a general 'meet and greet' feel.

* Likewise, TGIF, Beach Party, and Trivia will have the 'Q&A' part stripped off for event listings, but the listing text remains the same.

* Each of the events with 'New Resident' in the title will now have 'Newbie' replacing that. (New Resident Q&As and New Resident Trivia Q&A) Likewise, any use of the word "resident" will be replaced with either "newbie", "oldbie" or "someone in SL" in the listings. I felt that we needed to standardise our word usage; since the use of any term used to describe people with SL accounts is contentious, I chose ones that are in common use, and that I hear regularly myself.

* We will use the categories for the event listing that most closely fit the purpose of the event, instead of using the 'Education' category for all our events. This will be a difficult change, as most folk expect to look under 'Education' and find whatever NCI thing they are looking for, however we need to keep to Linden Lab's listing rules.

Show & Tell: Games/Contests
Blitz AV Makeover: Games/Contests
Blitz Building: Games/Contests
Party (including Salsa, TGIF): Nightlife/Entertainment
Q&A: Education
Trivia: Games/Contests

This gives us 3 dedicated Q&As a week, 3 S&Ts, 1 BAMakeover, 3 blitz buildings, 3 parties, and 1 trivia.

Let me know if there are any queries regarding these changes.

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