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Top 10 things NCI managment has done in the last 21 days

Posted: Sat Sep 19, 2009 2:33 am
by Quite Oh
Top 10 things NCI managment has done in the last 21 days

There have been many changes at NCI in the last 21 days. We have experienced significant accelerated growth in the last year and have made changes in management. Since August 28th, 2009, the following items are being addressed, or have been accomplished:

1) Some of the personel on the Board of Directors has changed. We have chosen an interim Chairman (Gramma Fiddlesticks) and an interim Finance officer (Fr43k Paine). We have also added new positions of Communications Officer (Quite Oh), Board Secretary (Quite Oh), and Web Services Director (Lethe Naumova). As the whole structure evolves, we will see where tasks and responsibilities would make more sense aligned in a different manner.

2) We performed financial audits and assessed assets

3) We have moved to a more formal and accurate accounting method.
  • Books are balanced
  • A full budget has been developed.
  • A yearly budget projection is being developed.
  • NCI is now entirely self-sustaining.
4) We aquired new land.
On 2009-08-28 we had a total of 50456 sq. m. that we own and are responsible for tier on. This does not include the 11 infonodes which are rentals or donations.

As of today, we own 83,344, which is now fully covered for tier by NCI, and we rent 7 small parcels for use solely as infondoes.

We have increased our land holdings by 40%.

5) We acquired new tier
While tier donations decreased on 2009-08-28 as some withdrew their donations, we have since seen a significant increase in tier donations from many members of NCI and we now have entirely adequate tier to cover all our current needs plus a little for expansion. A full financial status report is being worked on and we will soon have more accurate numbers.

6) We are opening a new space, dubbed NCI Snow Country, located in Hughes. NCI is very pleased to thank Cory Flanagan for his very generous donation of 30,000 tier free square meters of beautifully landscaped land. We are currently working on it, to help it meet NCI's needs, the goals and useage of the land as as follows: First, to develop a new immersive way of generating interest in all the SL Skills (little to no posters or text required), Second: availability of new classroom space. We will use new classrooms in the sky, keep the ground level in pristine condition.

7) We are actively developing NCI Snow Country

8) Courses:
Moving from the Oxbridge Village classroom has been completed with no issues.
On 2008-09-12 the Board approved addition of 3 classes to the class schedule. Specific classes to be determined by the Education Director Afon Shepherd. Budget will be amended to allocate proper funding.

9) Lethe Naumova, a long time NCI member has agreed to serve as Web Services officer for NCI and has set up new forums and a blog. All helpers, land officers, teachers and members are highly encouraged to join!
  • Members can communicate with the board more easily, regardless of time zones
  • Better communication can help improve our sense of community
  • Educational materials can have a single convenient home

Volunteers from the NCI community are already actively posting helpful tutorials, tips and tricks to expand your second life

10) We are currently in the process of creating a constitution and by-laws for the board.

11) We are currently reviewing and updating the helper and land officer roles as well as guidelines in order to clarify our positions.

For comments or questions, please contact Quite Oh