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What Happened To You In Second Life That Was Funny?

Posted: Sun Oct 18, 2009 9:48 pm
by Jaco Schaffner
Sunday afternoon. Q&A session with Wyn and Seshat.

Seshat Czeret: (Note: from earlier conversations with Woofn, I know he's a singer.)

When there's some talk about scripting...

Woofn Warden: Scripting .. Shudder .. I have a hard enough time with lyrics
Jaco Schaffner: Woofn you don't have to actually sing the script.
Woofn Warden: hahaha
Woofn Warden: funny jaco
Seshat Czeret: It *would* make an interesting song.
Seshat Czeret: ~*~ integer lit equals false semicolon.~*~
Seshat Czeret: ~*~ default~*~
Seshat Czeret: ~*~ Open curly brace. On_rez, bracket, integer ignored, close bracket ~*~
Wyn Nitely: You left your curly brace open, Ses.
Seshat Czeret: I haven't finished the state, Wyn.


Re: What Happened To You In Second Life That Was Funny?

Posted: Mon Oct 19, 2009 1:27 pm
by Imnotgoing Sideways
I married the refrigerator in Kuula... I think we've had 4...5...6(?) honeymoons? (^_^)y

Re: What Happened To You In Second Life That Was Funny?

Posted: Mon Oct 19, 2009 4:17 pm
by Caressa Carpaccio
The most current funny situation that happened,. was that a newbie was asking , err ..rather demanding to speak to me in private?? (not IM) as he didn't have enough knowledge of IM's yet,, Not sure why he felt the need to take me elswhere to talk,. but that's getting off topic,...anyway as this newbie was demanding I follow him to talk privately he hit the rubbberbanding lag,. we love,. and was walking backwards through all the chairs and the walls as he was asking me to follow him. Timing is everything,.!!!

Re: What Happened To You In Second Life That Was Funny?

Posted: Tue Oct 20, 2009 9:47 am
by PeaceSmythe
Two day old newbie wanders over to the campfire

2d: Where am I?

me : NCI Snowcountry, may I be of assistance?

2d : No, where am I?

me: You are in a parkland where an overhead educational facility is being constructed.

2d: I want to know where I am!

me: You have died and are in a hunting ground afterlife. The bison are happy to see you.

2d: OMG! That's such a relief!

newbie wanders off

Re: What Happened To You In Second Life That Was Funny?

Posted: Tue Oct 20, 2009 7:36 pm
by Beverly Montgomery
LMAO :D these are all good. Ok where do I begin and I'm sure some have heard it already, but thats ok I enjoy hearing it again myself! XD

I was abducted by alians, yes I was! I was standing one day on the stage at Kuula NCI. And suddenly a tractor beam, snagged me and beamed me up into a spaceship where 5 people were sitting. They forgot to leave me a seat, so I was left standing on the trap door! One was the Alian, Bumbles :) who turned out to be a pretty nice guy and few others. Anyway, I got tat in IM right away, and she assured me that they were probably nice people not to worry. So I went along, and it was a riot. And as they crossed sim borders i'd fall out the trap door to the ground. They'd holler, "dont move we'll pick you up". And they did, as they transported me on to Baku sim. Where others were waiting. As we landed I was greeted by a few I had met a few times before, who danced and sang and wow the music was great. It was very entertaining. Then a chat from someone i'd talked to many times before when he came to NCI Kuula, Dan Ballinger who was in one of the sl police dep. XD

All in all it was probably one of the funniest things i'd ever seen or experenced. Memorable that is for sure. :) was a good time for all, except Bumbles whom i'd banned from NCI Kuula before I was even in the space ship so I had to unban him before he could take me back XD.

Good memory!


ps.. yes Imy is in love with the refrigerator XD gotta come to Kuula and check it out, left click it for some trick or treat :D

To all of us Canadians

Posted: Thu Oct 22, 2009 12:45 am
by Caressa Carpaccio
It's winter in Canada And the gentle breezes blow

Seventy miles an hour
At thirty-five below.
Oh, how I love Canada
When the snow's up to your butt
You take a breath of winter
And your nose gets frozen shut.
Yes, the weather here is wonderful
So I guess I'll hang around
I could never leave Canada

I'm frozen to the ground!

Re: What Happened To You In Second Life That Was Funny?

Posted: Wed Nov 18, 2009 8:38 am
Nothing funny recently, since I can not log into SL normally .... but this year .... I bought a land next to Kuula, and several folks told me "You'll never be able to resell that for a profit" ....

Needless to say I sold the land with in 15 days for almost 2X what I bought it for. :lol:

Ya I know .... I have no life in SL :oops:

Re: What Happened To You In Second Life That Was Funny?

Posted: Sat Jan 09, 2010 6:02 am
by Raymond Nightfire
I was part of a group of people trying to help a group member with his two hour battle with a Spam can while I was in the middle of an NCI party on 12/17/2008, this battle started at 6:34 PM and the entire conversation ended at 8:16 PM, and no one was able to top that conversation. :shock:

Exactly one year after this "Epic Battle", I sent the original conversation starter a Spam can in SL that had the saved chat log of the conversation, image links of the RL can he fought, and two video links related to Spam. :P

Lets just say everyone got a good laugh from this even the guy who started the conversation after looking back at it!! :lol:

Re: What Happened To You In Second Life That Was Funny?

Posted: Mon Feb 22, 2010 1:48 am
by Afon
One today at the end of my class. A male av was editing an object and his AO put his hands in his pockets. It looked like he was peeing on his build!

Re: What Happened To You In Second Life That Was Funny?

Posted: Wed Mar 24, 2010 2:12 pm
by Johnathan Jupiter
Only NCI thing that was a little funny, was a dancing Wall-e, NCI Edgartown is uninhabited, along with almost all of bay city.

If in general, then I've gotten laughter from myself, and other people by messing with a boxbot AV.

Edit: Recently, I had a weird experience with a newbie:
In the four newbie spawn points, Pullman Nix Lewis and Card, The four sims each have their own different bits and pieces of their own, Lewis has a shooting range, and a sandbox
Pullman has a giant sandbox, and a "Real Estate" company that sells Linden Homes
Card has a japanese newbie help area, a mountain, and a small river
and Nix has the Freebie shop, and a water play area.

I was in my spaceman-thingy AV, and was sitting at one of the spawn points, a newbie pops up out of nowhere, and looks for the coolest guy there to ask for help, I was the third. he goes to the first, and the guy is very rude. he goes to the second, and then the second dissapears, he comes to me;

Newbie: Can I have some help?

Me: Sure, what do you need?

Newbie: oh, cool! I went up to the first guy, and he just cursed, as if he was a bossy character from a book!

Then it reminded me of an interesting book I read

Newbie: Is there a place where I can get stuff?

Me: Yes, there are several immideate spots to get stuff for your inventory,

Newbie: Oh COOL! WHERE?

Me: well there's the Nix Bazaar, theres NCI, There's the newbie shop a couple sims over...There are a whole bunch of places!

Newbie: Take me to the bestest spot! Let me buy whatever I can get with your money!


Me: Well, they are all freebie stores, so you can use your own money

Newbie: But I don't have any money!

Me: I don't have any either

Newbie gasps: You cheapskate!


Me: Do you know what a freebie is?

Newbie: no....but you're still a cheapskate!


Me: okay, 1) I am not a cheapskate, I did not promise anything for letting you use my money, 2) A freebie is an object that someone is selling for no money, for example, I'm selling some Animation Overrides there that cost zero linden dollars.

Newbie: Oh! So you're not a cheapskate, sorry!


newbie wants company, he wants to see if the AVs he like fit him correctly, but he's a cloud to me!

He tries on an Iron Man Avatar

Newbie: So how do I look?

Me: like a cirrus cloud, I can't see your AV it's a cloud to me

Newbie: It's not evaporated liquid that pees all over us when it gets to heavy!

Real life, It starts to rain,

Second life:

Me: Hey, I'll tell you why I can't see you correctly, My screen isn't loading your Avatar correctly, and I need to log out, and log back in to get it set correctly!

Newbie: Well log out!

Me: I can't

Newbie: Why not?

Me: I've got three conversations going on in SL Instant Messaging!

Newbie: Oh, you wanna IM me?

And he tells me his Windows Live account name, so I can IM him.

Me:-.- I give up, you're hopeless.

In the background one of my friends....

Zel: John? Where are you?

Newbie: It's that second guy again!!!

and an argument starts with Zel and the Newbie about TPing out once Newbie asked for help, I tried to settle it after telling him that No, just because he dissapeared from sight once Newbie asked for help, that didn't mean that he didn't want to help him. and then I get involved in it that I eventually needed either of the newbie experts on TG that I know, Glenn Shamen, or RoK Vella, but neither of them were on.

Newbie: I give up! I'm never getting on Second Life again! Just because I'm different, that dosen't mean that you can't treat me like @#$%!

Me: I'm not treating you like that, I'm trying to help you!

Newbie: Oh give it up!

I never saw him again, that was the last time I had that bad of a newbie experience