Memoirs of a newbie - What I didn't know then

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Memoirs of a newbie - What I didn't know then

Post by Jaelson_Vita » Thu Nov 26, 2009 8:56 am


I find it fun recalling all the things of my early days. Stuff that I misunderstood or misperceived about SL and everything around me, here are some of mine:

I asked the question "Who owns the water ??" I had no sense of land or land boundaries.

I used to think that if a house was unlocked and empty then it was an invitation to go in and make yourself at home.

Walking: Heh. I used to have to plan out every movement from A to B. Trying to get through a door was a nightmare. I remember being in tears spending 10 frustrating minutes trying to get into my rented house.

You must grab all freebies!! I used to fill my inventory with everything I could get my hands on, as if I would have some disadvantage to everyone else if I didn't have loadsa stuff . I eventually got round to deleting most of it :D


I understood that NCI was run by volunteers, however I thought that there was a close official relationship between NCI and LL. I think I got confused between the Mentor Program and NCI.

I used to see this title "NCI Land Officer" above someones head.. To me that meant somebody who could get you banned from SL easily if you borked up. I was terrified of borking up. I was afraid to rez freebie items in case they caused general grief (I had heard of griefing objects by this time). I was sure that I would get InstaPermaBanned from NCI and SL if I did this even by accident. I was afraid to move I was so uptight !!

Wow! did I think I was something else with my first Sexy Walk (not AO mind you, just the sexy walk).

I had to look closely at other peoples feet to see if they had a shaped ice block attached to them.... cuz I did, and I didn't know what it was!

Oh Lord, trying to shift furniture into place using the editing controls... The pain of it.. I was useless.
I think it took me a month to begin to figure how to even place a couch properly.

All that and many more early perceptions of Second Life.

Anyone care to share theirs ?

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Re: Memoirs of a newbie - What I didn't know then

Post by Imnotgoing Sideways » Sat Nov 28, 2009 1:04 am

I spent a number of weeks walking around the Hanja welcome area, with a draw distance of 64 meters, looking out over the seemingly infinite abyss of grassland beyond the quad, thinking "This is it? (O.o)" ... (=_=)
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Re: Memoirs of a newbie - What I didn't know then

Post by SHIPPOU OUD » Wed Dec 02, 2009 9:26 am

Before I discovered the [view ... property lines] option I use to walk to the boundaries of a piece of property to see how big it was. :oops:
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