Hello, could I have some help?

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Johnathan Jupiter
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Hello, could I have some help?

Post by Johnathan Jupiter » Wed Mar 24, 2010 4:28 am

Hello everybody!

I'm an Land Officer for Teen Grid NCI, and it's not too good around here!

We are being very unsuccessful in our attempt to help newbies as in NCI's name, the only way to help the newbies is to go to the newbie spawn point and work solo now :( , and there are only two people who actually want to help newbies, myself and RoK Vella :cry: .

The two of us are working together to try and keep NCI up and running on TG, but it's getting worse, we don't know who in NCI is still actually on SL, period, and late this year, RoK is going to the main grid, sadly, and we've got 3 more others coming your way:
RoK is coming in the area of October 7th, Furryfox Braveheart is a pro-scripter on the way to you guys on June 27th, a VERY new guy, MJ Yedmore is coming next month, and Wooty Spires is also a pro-scripter, and is coming this year, but I'm not sure when though, I'll ask him, and post it on here.

It would be nice to have an NCI person to come to TG sometime, but legally, okay? I heard from my mom on MG, Peace Smythe, that Gramma Fiddlesticks was on TG Legally, and helped get NCI up and running, It would be nice to get her to come back, I confirmed that she was here through RoK, and I would like to suggest that RoK gets the rank of Land officer once, he's on MG.

Edit: FYI, I will only be on on weekend mornings to early weekend afternoon, mostly on saturday though

The only way for NCI to survive in TG is for us to turn to the biggest newbie-helping group in all of the teen grid, Second Teen, and pretty soon, TG NCI will be no more, RoK runs it, and he's going to MG! It would be nice to get someone to handle TG NCI.

If you guys want, I can be a scout for how things are going on TG for a few years, I should transfer over to TG in about 4.5 years, so I should have plenty of time to be a scout.
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Beverly Montgomery
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Re: Hello, could I have some help?

Post by Beverly Montgomery » Thu Mar 25, 2010 11:44 pm

Hello Johnathan, wanted to let you know your message has been read. But I need to tell ya, there really isn't anything we can do :( im so sorry. The person that actually started that NCI was Paul. He was very proud of it and his abilities to set it up and get it going. We all knew him, he started out over here, was here a long time before turning himself in. He was a good guy, and an NCI Land Officer, like your mom. We did not know he was an underager at the time. I'm sure he will be sad to find out it is failing. I dont think he would blame you. I'm sure you have worked hard on it. I will however let a couple Lindens I know, that come over there, know about it ok. And wish you alot of luck. I personally want to Thank You for trying so hard to keep it going. I'm sure Paul would be proud of you.

Beverly Montgomer


Johnathan Jupiter
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Re: Hello, could I have some help?

Post by Johnathan Jupiter » Fri Mar 26, 2010 1:44 pm

Thank you Bev,

I managed to get ahold of Amber linden not too long ago, and I'm waiting on a response from blue linden on another issue, We've got at around 20 to 30 lindens on TG, but not in NCI, and we're trying to do our best.

So far, ever since we downsized, and we transfered half our ownership to Second Teen, we have been holding pretty steady. Second teen, the biggest newbie-helping group in all of TG.

I know that Paul originally ran TG NCI, I've seen him at NCI before.

Our recent downsizing, we got rid of NCI Loki, in the Loki Land-for-sale area, and now a griefer store stands in it's place, and we had to eliminate NCI Edgartown's backyard garden, which was a separate piece of land all together.

We also reduced the size of NCI Edgartown's building, How it is, it's a 2 story, 20 meter tall structure, the bottom used to consist of a small part of the building that got cut off, the "Educational Landmarks" section, I used to call it, if you are facing towards the end of the road, and go close to the end of the road, and turn right, on the other side of the "Prison(not of NCI's property)" you will see NCI Edgartown. In the entrance of the structure, is a little guy at the entrance that changes every season, or holiday, At the moment it's at "Winter--Snowman" There's also "Spring--Flower," "Summer--Sun," and I forgot what Fall is.

Once you're in the entrance, the first thing you'll see, is the exit, lol, It's true, the exit is about 20 meters straight ahead from the entrance. If you turn right again, you will see our little "Freebie Wall," almost the entire wall right of the entrance consists of freebies, and on the wall by you where you came in, is the "Freebie of the week."

On the pillar in the middle of the room, that I call the "Information Pillar," The pillar consists of Landmarks to educational locations, and fun locations.

In the far right corner from the entrance, there is a sculpted stairway that is not very accessible to most of the bigger AVs, but Boxbots and Dragonlets can access it easily, upstairs is 1, the second floor, and 2, the lounge.

The lounge was also downsized, once you turn right from coming up the staircase, you will see a wall, there was an extra block right there that's contents consisted of chairs, and couches.

Strait ahead from the stairs, is a couch, a table, and a shelf, they are what's left of the lounge, I was thinking of putting some extra furniture in there, but I don't know. If you turn right from there, you will get onto the balcony, the roof texture is a mostly clear texture that RoK likes, and there used to be a bridge over the roof that led to the block that had the "Educational Landmarks" section the rooftop lounge was a nice place, a mini garden included.

That's really all of NCI Edgartown, Outside the exit is grass, and a fence that shows the land borders, I'm thinking of putting a bench there.

I can take a picture of NCI Edgartown and hand it to you guys, but I don't have the L$10 I need at the moment.
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NCI Officer
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Re: Hello, could I have some help?

Post by PeaceSmythe » Fri Mar 26, 2010 3:19 pm

As a note, I explained how to get a picture to main grid without L$ being spent at the teen grid.

Seshat Czeret
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Re: Hello, could I have some help?

Post by Seshat Czeret » Wed Mar 31, 2010 8:16 am

We're really sorry, but adults are only allowed on Teen grid under very, very restricted circumstances.

I know what you most need is instructors, but I can offer help in the form of my blog: http://seshat-czeret.blogspot.com/

Feel free to use the tutorials or other useful material there to create NCI classes from. Copyright is to remain mine: you have a licence to use it for NCI classes, but not to pass it on. (Peace can explain copyright and licencing if you need to know, or feel free to ping me in a separate topic.)
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Johnathan Jupiter
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Re: Hello, could I have some help?

Post by Johnathan Jupiter » Wed Mar 31, 2010 8:08 pm

I know the restrictions about Adults being on the teen grid, so I know how difficult it would be.

My offer about scouting the teen grid for you guys is still up, I'm able to be contacted through E-mail, at jjupter@gmail.com, it's in my SL account's name.

If the answer is "Yes," I'll be on SL on weekends when people are the most active, and I'm going to tell you guys about a big secret on TG that I recently found out, TG is almost completely deserted, most of the people have left TSL to go on to the main grid, one of my friends, SL name Sakura Rallier, she's already gotten 4 MG accounts! After being found out about her being a teen, she's gotten her first three MG accounts deleted, but they were all on different computers, and she seems to have given up on MG accounts, but I suggest that you watch out, more people might get on MG, I am not one of those people who has intention to make an MG account, but it's likely you'll get more and more people out of TG hopping onto MG.

Those of us in my group that are TG legal people, but not MG legal people call them "Grid hoppers," you'd better watch out.
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