morning all

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jims firehawk
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morning all

Post by jims firehawk » Sat Sep 26, 2009 3:12 pm

Coffee time again with jim firehawk.

Sorry about leaveing the party early last night but I am working on my building skills, and let me tell you they need all the work I can put into them. :lol:

Learning alot from my mistakes as will as from the things that work, and sometimes the things that work surprize me. The classes are great, however, there is nothing like gettings your hands dirty. I have finally got the "linking part" going pertty well, now need to work some on the "copying" . And really need to work on not nocking over that big building I am working on, luckly it has not fell on anyone yet. :roll:
Sips coffee;

Hopefully when it is done it can be my workshop for other projects that I have in mind.

Well see ya'll somewhere, thake care and be safe.

Jims Firehawk.
Take care, have fun, and be safe
Jims Firehawk

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