Important news for all event and class hosts

Important Announcements about NCI and these forums
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Important news for all event and class hosts

Post by Lethe » Sun Aug 30, 2009 9:29 pm

As you register for these forums, I have a little extra work for you all, I need you to apply to join the Event/Class Leader group. I have Grand Plans for improving communication beyond Group Notices and this is an important first step. Feel free to insert evil cackle here!

1) To join the group: Go into your user control panel (top right corner)
2) Click on Usergroups in the menu to the right
3) Check the box next to Event/Class Leaders
4) Hit the Submit button
5) Done!

Note: Members of this group have to be approved (actually be hosts/teachers).

Thanks for your time, trust me this extra work will pay off quite well in a very short time.


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