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How to look at things I own

Posted: Tue Aug 09, 2016 11:52 pm
by icedragonart
This is probably one of the silliest questions I have ever asked but how do I look at an object in my inventory? If I click on profile it just gives the basic description. I need to see what the object looks like. Is it possible to see it without *wearing* it?

Re: How to look at things I own

Posted: Wed Aug 10, 2016 12:31 am
by Janet Rossini
No you must wear it or rez it to see it.

Re: How to look at things I own

Posted: Wed Aug 10, 2016 1:34 am
by icedragonart
Okay thank you! I thought that might be the case but wanted to be sure. Thanks for the help!

Re: How to look at things I own

Posted: Wed Aug 10, 2016 5:06 am
by Paulina

I'd like to pitch in with a few words.
Even though the issue may be resolved for you, other people may have the same question.

To "rez" is an SL-specific term which means moving/copying an object from your inventory into the 3D world. Other virtual worlds might say you "spawn" it, or similar.

To do that, you need to be on a piece of land that allows "building" or "rezzing". If you see an icon in your viewer's address bar that looks like a cube and it is marked as "disabled" with a red "no" icon ontop of it, that means "no rezzing". So you'd have to move around a bit and find a parcel where that icon is missing, or at least the "no" indicator is no longer visible.
Hovering your mouse pointer over those icons will also provide a small context help there.

Places that allow the public to build things on their land are often called "sandboxes", just in case you come across that term.

So, assuming you have found a sandbox, open your inventory and drag your item from the inventory window to the ground in the 3D world view. Within a few seconds, it should appear. Now you can use it or edit it in-world.
When done, please have the courtesy to clean up - either pick up your items (right-click them and select TAKE), or delete them from the world (right-click and select DELETE).

Hope you enjoy your SecondLife, building things and creating content here is amazingly fun!