Time to relax

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Tateru Nino
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Time to relax

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Back last year, I came out of retirement when Gramma Fiddlesticks resigned, and passed NCI on to me. Since then, you may (or may not) have noticed that some areas of NCI have been reorganized quite substantially.

Rather than placing the majority of the administrative burden on a single person, those responsibilities have been migrated (insofar as we’ve had appropriate talent) to teams, who are able to make multilateral decisions as groups.

There’s still a ways to go as that all settles in, but I’m satisfied that it is on its way. So, hopefully, what remains for me to do is to get out of NCI’s way and let NCI do its thing.

I slipped back into retirement a little over a week ago. Unfortunately, due to one thing and another, I didn’t really have a chance to write something up for you all. Life’s been a little crazy, you know?

Trust the teams, and help them out. They’re there to help you help newbies by shouldering a lot of the annoying and tedious tasks that – quite frankly – hardly anyone really wants to do. It’s only reasonable that you help them help you, and try to make those tasks a little less thankless.

It really is time for me to get on with other things, and to leave you and NCI to get on with your things.

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