Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!

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Hi all,

It's the start of another year and it seems an appropriate time to issue a status report.

Building and updates projects.

As many of you will hopefully be aware there is currently an ongoing project to build the main structures in the Dream Seeker sim. This needs to be done anyway but there's some urgency to the project now with the upcoming RHN open day. You can follow the progress of the work at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1h1r ... y=CPO75-cG#. Please contact Imnotgoing Sideways if you wish to be involved.

As for the other areas, Peace Smythe has been organising work at South for some time and has canvassed opinion and held meetings with staff who are actively involved in the area or have expressed an interest as she's gone along. If you have ideas for the design for South please contact her.

Our other main project at the moment is updating our information boards and tutorials which are common to all sites. This is a large ongoing project and will need many people involved. Preliminary work has been done by Garn Conover, Pyewacket Bellman, Krystal Devonshire, Varian Altney and Patience Porta to audit the sites as they stand and begin the task of working out what needs updating and what we need to have going forward. As this progresses I anticipate there will be a number of smaller projects to update what we have and for people to contribute new content and ideas. Please contact Garn Conover if you wish to be involved in this.

Land Holdings

In the past year our land holdings (The mainland owned by the group) have increased in the past year largely as a result of the generous donation of the Kuula hill by Something Something. In order for the group to retain the mainland it owns we depend on tier donations from our members and I'd like to thank all out donors once again for every square metre they contribute. Without you we wouldn't be able to maintain all the land we have.

A trend we've seen this year is an increasing reliance on a small number of people donating large amounts of tier. Ideally I'd be more comfortable if we had more smaller donors. With this in mind I'll be asking the main group if there are any more members willing to donate tier so we can allow our larger donors to scale back if they need to.

This year we also need to review all our land and ensure what we have is being used. If it's not then we'll look at selling some off.


The number of classes we offer is continuing to grow and we hope to have a few more soon. The survey we ran recently shows this is one of our most valued services so thank you to all our instructors, event listers, schedulers, accountants and other administrative staff who make it possible for us to do so much.


Our events continue to be enjoyed by both new and older members of the group as a social activity and to inspire new users to explore the possibilities SL offers.

I'm sure there's more I can say about other departments too but at this point I'd like to thank all our staff, helpers, Land officers, Instructors, Event hosts, Tier donors, builders and all those who help make the group what it is answering questions in group chat and elsewhere.

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