NCI Guidelines July 2012

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NCI Guidelines July 2012

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Here are the current NCI Guidelines. If you have questions, please post them here and contact Janet Rossini.
Have fun!

NCI Guidelines
Updated 2012 July 21
by Carl Metropolitan, Beverly Montgomery, Krystal Devonshire, Janet Rossini

NCI's main purpose is to support new residents of Second Life. "We help, we serve, we provide, we protect."

We want NCI to be a warm and welcoming place for new citizens, a place to learn, a place to teach, and a place to have fun. You are welcome here and ask that you support our purpose and style while you're here.

Helping People

Although there are designated NCI Helpers, we really hope that everyone will help. Everyone who comes here knows things that are of potential value to others. When you encounter a situation where you can help, please do so.

The general atmosphere in an NCI area needs to be warm and inviting. You can help with this. When possible, please greet new people and invite them to ask questions. In no case should anyone on NCI land be abused in chat, nor of course, in IM. We are here to help people even if they are different from ourselves.

Please try to keep the conversation positive and helpful on NCI land. Spirited and friendly conversation and fun are welcome. Acrimony, fighting, unpleasantness. drama: please take these elsewhere.

Please never do anything that will interfere with someone getting the help they need.

Specific Rules

We want to be a place where people use good judgment in support of our mission, but we do have some specific rules:
No Weapons Use
No Nudity
No Disruption of Classes
No Soliciting or Selling
No Harassment
No Begging

If you behave in a warm and friendly fashion, you'll do just fine. NCI is intended to be a safe place for people to learn, teach, play, socialize, and build. If you can't offer others a basic level of respect and consideration, try a Welcome Area.

Some details on those rules:

Weapons Use

The rule is "No Weapons Use" not "No Weapons".

In general, its okay to carry swords or light sabers. You may wear them as long as you don't threaten any one--or brandish them in a threatening manner. Guns are okay as long as they stay in the holster--i.e., are clearly part of a an outfit. They are not to be in your hand even if invisible.

Brandishing weapons IS a violation of this rule. If you pull a gun, we will assume you intend to use it and react accordingly. While it is okay to build guns here, you need to test them elsewhere.

No Nudity

NCI campuses are located in both General (G) and Moderate (M) sims. We maintain a (G) environment. So dress according to that. Sexy is okay if that's your thing. We are not the clothes police! However--keep the naughty bits well covered. As an example: A bikini (even a small one) is okay. A thong and/or pasties are not. Gorean-style silks are okay; transparent silks are not. A hint of nipple on a shirt, is okay; a see-through shirt is not. Wear underwear with skirts. If you have prim genitals, detach them even if they are invisible. Turn off any adult items like Xcite bits.

Please be sure to wear alpha textures or system clothes under prim or mesh clothing. Sometimes they do not rez and you'll look nude to people.

If someone is new, and is nude because they are having trouble with the Appearance Mode, try to help them. Point out our Changing Rooms, and help them teleport up to the appropriate room (male or female). Griefers will quickly become apparent, as they will not listen. Do not surround a nude person with prims, it will confuse a new resident and leave you open to to having an abuse report filed against you.

The "no nudity" rule covers rezzing of porn images or porn prims (giant penises, etc.) and public sex. That's an easy way to get ejected and/or banned.

No Disruption of Classes or Events

People disrupting a class or event are almost always serious griefers. NCI will deal with such disruptions agressively. Instructors should take what steps they feel are necessary to keep their class orderly and productive.

No Soliciting or Selling

Normally, you may not set items out for sale at NCI. If you leave an item out for sale, we will return it. We don't allow people to leave gambling machines out either. This is not a casino.

The only place items may be sold at NCI is in the "New Citizens Mall" (north of the main stage at NCI Kuula). If you are under 120 days, and have something that you have created that you wish to sell, talk to Imnotgoing Sideways about getting a vendor in that area.

NCI is also not the place to solicit for your group, mafia, club, slave harem, religion, whatever. 90% of Second Life is open for stuff like that. Not here. We are trying to provide new residents with a safe place to learn and experiment.

You may be asked to remove floating text, HUDs, signs, tags,free L$ signs or other things we feel are advertising. Examples of this include advertising bloodlines, lycans, escorts, and website URLs.

The only allowed solicitation on any land is via our AdNode system, where people pay for ad space to have ads streamed into special billboards. Funds from AdNode go to support NCI activities.

No Harassment

This covers a lot. We don't need people who can not respect others. Harassment also covers things like intolerance, crude and/or unwelcome sexual advances, repetative playing of annoying sound clips, and rezzing junk prims all over the place. This rule also covers use of profanity. Keep open conversation (G); don't use the f-word, the c-word, the other c-word, etc.

While we welcome all types of lifestyles here, you may not solicit membership or offer bites in games such as Bloodlines and The Hunger.

Some discussion among people here is encouraged, but topics like politics, religion, and sex should be kept to a minimum or avoided entirely. They can turn into arguments and debates resulting in upsetting others here. If this occurs and you are asked to drop a conversation, take it to IM or elsewhere. This is not the place for it.

No Begging

Don't beg for money here. Not the place. If you are short on money, check out our Money Tree list (in the Info area) and our huge freebie collection. If you really need money bad, consider buying some L$.

NCI Group Chat

Our rules also apply to our group chat. It is meant for helping people, not advertsing, debates,or spam. The (G) rule also applies in group chat. If you see a problem there, contact a Group Chat Moderator.

Land Officers

NCI Land Officers are in charge of handling disputes here. Let them know if problems arise, do not try to handle them yourself. Listen to them and follow their instructions.

Please try not to give other people orders: they often feel they have to argue back. Instead, try to help them. If the conversation gets too dramatic, try bringing up a new topic to change the atmosphere.

Land officers are trained to use good judgment. However, if you have a problem with a particular Land Officer, do not debate it with them, take your dispute to a Senior Land Officer, the Senior in charge of the location it occurred if possible.
You can find a list of the Senior Staff here:

Third Parties

We do not discuss matters of rules infractions with third parties. Everyone is responsible for themselves. While we welcome the dom/sub community, slaves are responsible solely for themselves, their dress and behavior while on NCI property. We will not discuss the issue with a slave's master.

TL;DR (Summary)

NCI is primarily a help area and that is our focus. You are welcome here in support of that focus. Remember that you are our guests. If your style, or your mood of the day make it hard for you to work within these guidelines, please take yourself somewhere else until you act in support of our mission.

Remember you are all guests regardless of whether you are new or have been hanging out at one of our locations for years. Time spent here does not give you special rights or privledges. If you can not follow and respect our rules, find somewhere else to go. As mentioned above, a Welcome Area would be a good choice.

Enjoy NCI--be cool to each other...
I don't work here: I volunteer here. I don't have duties: I have small gifts which I offer.

Janet Rossini
NCI Supporter
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