NCI Scripters group IM posting rules, clarifications

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NCI Scripters group IM posting rules, clarifications

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Some issues have recently come up in the NCI Scripters group concerning rules for posting messages in the group chat. This post is intended to clarify the rules for posting in the NCI Scripters group.

All members are allowed to participate in group discussions, as long as they remain on-topic. Bear in mind the group is comprised of members at all levels of scripting ability - from raw newbies to veterans with decades of programming experience. Additionally, all members of NCI Scripters are either volunteers or citizens, and as such, are entitled to a certain amount of respect and civility. Respect the fact that they are donating their time, without compensation, to help you!

The following is not permitted on the NCI Scripters group at any time:
  • Asking others to script for you - The NCI Scripters group is intended for learning and teaching how to script, not asking for handouts. This includes hiring and soliciting-for-hire. Find another group for that.
  • Begging/Panhandling - Do not ask for money, items, or services.
  • Code - Please do not paste script code into the group chat*. You should use a service such as Pastebin and post the link to the paste instead. Pastebin is not required, but is preferred. When using Pastebin, please set the "Syntax Highlighting" to "Linden Scripting".
    *Some leeway will be given for this, for example if you have a slow computer and cannot run SL and a browser at the same time, or if you are only pasting a few lines of code to ask help with an error.
  • Disruption or rules-lawyering - Do not argue the rules with a Moderator, even if they are wrong!
  • Fighting/personal attacks - Do not use the group to argue with other members. Either Instant Message the person directly, or block them and move on. It does not matter who started it!
  • Proselytizing, preaching, promotion of products, services, groups or businesses - Whether they are your own or otherwise. Note: this rule includes promoting viewer software.
  • Recruiting
  • Spam - this includes all off-topic chat (anything unrelated to scripting in some way). Responses such as "Spam!" are also spam; use your viewers block/mute function. All general Second Life-related questions should be asked on New Citizens Inc. instead.
  • Swearing or otherwise offensive language - This includes hate speech, insults, defamatory speech or any other form of speech that is forbidden by the Second Life Community Standards or Terms of Service.
  • Unhelpful responses to legitimate scripting questions - We have a strict zero-tolerance policy towards unhelpful answers, for example "Learn to read", "Go read the wiki", "Use ___ (Third Party Viewer)"* etc. However, feel free to post links to the relevant wiki articles.
    *It is acceptable to suggest to a user that another viewer will achieve their goals if you also answer the actual scripting question, as they may simply be doing it for learning purposes. For example: "You can use llSensor or llGetAgentList for an avatar radar, or use a TPV with an avatar radar built in" is acceptable. "You should use a TPV instead of making an avatar radar with LSL" is not acceptable.
  • Anything else that prevents or diminishes the effective use of the group, in our sole discretion.
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